About Us
An Overview

On 4th of January 1994 RPMS came into existence with the goal of leading in CPG reverse logistics. Our original focus was on unsaleables product only.
In 1995 we opened up secondary sales services to enable suppliers to reclaim some of the value of damaged product and the following year we began a trade recovery service in Johannesburg where we collected damages from super markets and as a result increased the control over what was collected and decreased inbound logistics delays. Furthermore we developed repacking capabilities which, to this day, allows our customers to reclaim the value of damaged product back into the primary supply chain.
In 1999 RPMS expanded into KZN and in 2000 we ventured into Western Cape. Subsequently, in 2002, we expanded into Eastern Cape. In 2004 a new age began for RPMS when Steve Rowlands bought out Allan Pearse. In 2006 we began focusing development in our IT capabilities to facilitate the reverse logistics process. During this time Steve Rowlands began and completed his masters and bachelors degrees in business administration, respectively.
Today, RPMS have a great deal of experience and a firm foundation in reverse logistics. We have recently employed a marketing and business development manager as well as an IT specialist and have subsequently put together an executive committee with specialist skills in marketing, IT, administration and operations.